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Today’s world presents lots of things that just didn’t exist in the past. The children are using technology in ways that we never dreamed. They’ve been taking selfies everyday. They are taking pictures of just about all kinds of things. They take images of themselves, they take photos of their snacks, of their pets. If you can imagine it, they’ve been taking pictures of it. Senior pictures symbolize a time in their everyday lives when they are still kids, but moving into adulthood. For many individuals, this will be the first and the last time they ever have a portrait taken. Grab this chance because may very well not get another possibility. It is critical to record this landmark in their lifetime to ensure that it could possibly be looked on in the future. Senior pictures are imperative simply because they depict significant changes for a child as they start to advance from high school and towards their forthcoming lifetime. Even though a teen might take excellent selfies, doesn’t suggest you mustn’t obtain professional senior pictures. It also doesn’t mean they are a professional senior photographer. There is a lot of care that goes into making certain that senior pictures posses excellent quality and professionalism. As a professional senior photographer in Bakersfield, we take pride in knowing that we provide affordable quality you won’t find anywhere else. Discover more about the professional photography services that we offer by giving us a call. We are pleased to answer any questions that you might have. Consider Setrik for your professional senior photographer! To see another recent senior photo shoot that we did, check out this link.


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As a professional senior photographer in Bakersfield, we have found many great places for photos in Bakersfield. There are many excellent locations to take senior pictures in Bakersfield. There are various diverse gorgeous parks all-around Bakersfield. It can also be really hard to decide on a great location. There is one park in Bakersfield that we enjoy a little more than all the rest. It is a truly wonderful place to take senior pictures in Bakersfield. Among the reasons it’s very great is because of the diversity and size of the park. There are various different places within Hart Park to take photos. There’s great areas to take senior pictures around the river. Hart Park offers easy accessibility to the Kern River. You’ll find great areas for senior pictures along the fence lines. Hart Park highlights a traditional looking wooden fence that borders most of the overall park on the north side. In addition to the river and rustic fences, there are other reasons why this is one of the greatest places for taking senior pictures in Bakersfield. Hart Park also features a giant assortment of trees and other foliage that make for stunning views in senior photos. If you are looking for a excellent location to take senior pictures in Bakersfield then you should really choose Hart Park as a perfect place. If you want to see more photos taken at Hart Park, check out one of our latest family portraits sessions at Hart Park. We present the very best in senior photography at an affordable price. To discover more give us a call at 661.348.0232

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