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We pride ourselves on providing a quality that you can actually see in our work. All of our Bakersfield engagement pictures are taken in a way that they will provide the highest quality, with clarity, and vibrant colors. Our Bakersfield engagement pictures portfolio literally sells itself. When our future clients take one look at our engagement photos portfolio they immediately fall in love. They ask questions such as how soon and where can we get these amazing engagement photos taken? First, we can book appointments for any weekend throughout almost the entire year. All of our engagement sessions are typically an hour, however sometimes we will provide two hours upon request. Many times we have clients that want to take Bakersfield engagement pictures all over town going from place to place. We can certainly accommodate that request. We can also allocate time toward wardrobe changes and any breaks necessary. We truly work with you in making sure that everything goes perfect with your Bakersfield engagement pictures photo shoot. When you book a professional engagement photography photo shoot with us, simply let us know some of the locations around Bakersfield that you would like to have photos taken. Some popular engagement photo spots in Bakersfield include: Hart Park, The Padre Hotel, Bakersfield Museum, Bluffs, Downtown, and multiple other parks around Bakersfield. We can even go out of town if that is what you would like. We have done many photo shoots at places like the beach, the forest, lakes, and even other landmarks.

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Engagement Pictures Done the Easy Way

Typically when we book a Bakersfield engagement pictures photo shoot with a client, we ask for information about your preferences. We want to make sure that we start at the perfect time of day for you, however at the same time, some of the best photo opportunities arrive an hour after sunrise and around two hours before sunset. We can still get some amazing photos right after sunset when the sky is full of all kinds of amazing colors. We want to make sure that you get the very best out of your next Bakersfield engagement pictures session. If you have any special circumstances or special needs, simply let us know and we can work to accommodate those things. We are really easy going and eager to help make sure you get the very best engagement photos possible.


Other Types of Photography Available

Did you know that we provide much more than just Bakersfield engagement pictures? We also provide all kinds of professional family photography photo shoots throughout the year. Click here to view one of our family photo shoots. The photos shown at that link were all taken at Hart Park just outside of the Bakersfield city limits. Hart Park is not only amazing for engagement photos, it is also amazing for family photos. In addition to family pictures, we also provide senior photography services, wedding photography, and more. To learn more about the different types of professional photography services we provide please visit our sister website: Setrik Photography.